Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hey everyone, on the eve of my departure to Nepal I am fortunate to share time with Tara and Darcy while I work on figuring out how to control this blog spot.  As I am slightly computer illiterate, you'll need to be patient with my progress  ...  like everything else in life!

I look forward to sharing the next 6 months with you.


Alyson Kowalewsky said...

It's like Facebook, but a blog!

Kevin Harrington said...

Now AK don't anger the man as he embarks on this journey. Best of luck Troy and I can't wait to hear and see all of your great work.

jdub said...

Hey Troy! Good luck on your adventure...I look forward to the updates on your blog site.


Jacqui ten Hove said...

You are quick! Glad to see it's up and running!!


Dad & Barb said...

Troy, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We pray your project gives a lot of kids a helping hand....stay safe..we love you Dad & Barb

Mark said...

Hey Troy,

Just read your blog, all the best matey, sounds like fantastic stuff!

A few months back I met Shia and Moneik over in London, was great to catch up! Hopefully we'll have a chance to do the same sometime soon.

Can't wait to hear how things progress, keep us posted.

Mark (Rolex)