Monday, December 17, 2007

Next Step

The day has arrived. Tomorrow morning I will board a flight to the Okhaldhunga community where the next step in the process of building the school will begin. We fly into a little village named Rumjatar (45 minutes east of Kathmandu) and we will then hike for 2-3 hours to reach the village that we will be building the school in. The community is part of the much larger region known as the Everest region, and we will be situated about 3 days hike south of Everest. From what I understand, there will be no views of the great mountain unfortunately.

Yesterday consisted of a meeting between Mahindra, myself and Rudra (another teacher) who will be involved with the entire process and will then work at the school. He is a very educated man with a masters in Education. He will be vital to the success of this project, and has worked very hard to have everything prepared. Our first order of business will be to apply for registration of the school and choose the land to build on. There is a lot of work ahead, but it is a very exciting point in the process that has taken 2 years to get to.

I look forward to the weeks ahead, as long as I can get used to the food. I'm not sure when I will get the chance to e-mail or update the blog, but you will hear from me at the next earliest convience.

Here we go ... !


Meagan Blaquiere said...

it sounds like things are coming along. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I'm wishing you the best.
ps..we raised almost 14,000 this year at 10,000 (i thought you would want an update!)

Moniek said...

Dear Troy,
So good to know that you're adapting and that progress is made every day. The excitement I can only imagine. It must be like JK Rowling seeing her words coming to life in a Harry Potter movie. The ideas you had in your mind are taking shape and are becoming reality.

As I said before, I have so much respect for what you’ve achieved. Following your dream. It just shows that everything is possible…… I hope you had a great Christmas and that New Years Eve will be even more exciting. For the new year I wish you lots a happiness and good health. Take care. And I’ll be following your steps.
Love Moniek

shardan said...

Happy New Year Troy!I hope you are recovering and feeling physically stronger. We hope your project is finally underway and the challenges you may be facing are few. May the weeks ahead find you stronger both physically and mentally as you adjust to food and culture. We also hope that you have more wins than loses as you move forward to seeing progress in the project. I wish I could be there! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Dan and Sharon

Big al said...

Hey Troy! Congrats. So nice to finally log in and read your updates. Make sure to give me a call when you return to Victoria. Mexico was great....Warren is still there and is driving with Todd to Vancouver. They should be arriving around Jan 21st and then Warren will be leaving for TO on Jan 24th. Maybe you'll see him in Victoria?
Love alana