Friday, January 11, 2008

A Sad Day in Nepal

While the capital city of Nepal remains busy as usual, there is a much more sombre feeling in the air. Sir Edmond Hillary (New Zealand) died today. Hillary, while known more for his ascent of Sargamatha (Mt. Everest) in the western world, made a remarkable impact in this central Asian country. He built 17 schools, several hospitals and a couple of airstrips to allow the Nepali people the opportunity to grow both economically and socially. He is a hero in this country, and his death brings sadness to its people - you can feel it today!


Vicky Griffiths said...

Hi Troy ... glad to hear you are still ok ... Thank you very much for your kind words about Sir Edmond Hillary .. it is very much appreciated in this part of the world ... It has taken over our country at the moment ...on the news every night ...and we also appreciate you continuing on doing such good work as I am sure the Nepalese people will in the future... love and best wishes Vicky,Rob,JP and Matthew ..all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand

Belmont J8 said...

Hey Troy, Apologies for not having been in more contact but definitely great to have you recognize Edmond Hilary. He was a large focus in my Global Challenges and Environmental Studies class since he was such an inspiration for my professor. Hilary truly was an amazing man and did great things in the area near Mt Everest.

Best of luck to things in the next while. Cam